AST Endurance Bead Filter
  • The AST Endurance™ Filter is an advancement of our patented PolyGeyser® technology with the addition of many new enhancements and increased performance features.

    Features Include:

    • Automatic pneumatic backwash enabling the filter to operate for extended periods of time without intervention, saving time and labor
    • Lowest water loss filter in the industry, less than 5% of traditional filters
    • Large sludge storage chamber that concentrates the sludge minimizing servicing needs
    • Superior solids removal and biofiltration in one filter, delivering crystal clear water
    • Low profile design allows for “airlift” water pumping, minimizing energy costs
    • Elegant, simple design with no moving internal parts and no replacement media ever required, guaranteeing trouble free operation
    • Units arrive pre-filled with bead media which never needs replaced

    Optional Add-Ons:

    • Optional automatic sludge discharge making the filter virtually maintenance free
    • Optional UV light add-on to assure algae control even under warm water conditions



    Aquaponics Applications


    They also work beautifully for aquaponics applications.

    The Endurance filters separate out solids in the water and store them in a large sludge chamber. The integrated chamber allows partial mineralization for plant nutrients. This nutrient rich water can then be automatically released to plant grow beds as part of the backwash process. The amount of water and delivery frequency can be easily adjusted to keep your nitrate levels ideal for fruiting or green growth.


    If you are looking for an integrated tank and filter also popular for aquaponics, check out the AST FIT 400 SYSTEM.

    AST Endurance Bead Filter

    • Due to its size, this item ships direct from the manufacturer. Please allow extra time for shipping during COVID.